Autumn’s Here!

September 27, 2009

Krystal (Sumi) here! KumoriCon 2009 is long-since over, and the girls are back. NOTN didn’t perform this year, but Kayla did have a place on the cosplay judges panel this year (something she’s wanted to do for years!). Now everyone’s heading into the autumn slump, making plans and gearing up for the big projects for the spring cons. Rynn is busy getting ready for YoumaCon in a little over a month, while Kayla, Mandy, and KI are all busy working away on stuff for SakuraCon. It’s six months away, but that never seems like enough time.

The site is coming along, the history section is almost finished, links are nearly done, and hopefully everything will be together in the next couple weeks! There’s already been talk about planning a skit for next SakuraCon, but nothing really solid yet. Lots of ideas, but nothing really pinned down yet.

Anyway, better get back to work!


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