Aki-con 2010

November 8, 2010

Kayla here! NOTN is back from Aki-con 2010 in Bellevue, WA! We had a great time! The con is pretty small so it was nice to just walk around a bit and chill out. It was super laid back and we did almost no cosplaying at all. We did however manage to pull together a short skit (in a little under 2 weeks before the con) that wound up winning us 1st place in the cosplay showdown. (For those unfamiliar with how Aki-con runs their contests; The cosplay showdown is a “Skit-only” contest.) The skit has been uploaded to our skits page! Check it out!

Also! NOTN now has a facebook page! You can watch us there to keep up to date on our new costumes, skit plans and much more! There are also galleries upon galleries of photos from cons, our skits and progress photos as well! Enjoy!

Next up will be Sakuracon 2011 in Seattle WA and Fanime 2011 in San Jose, CA! We have some skits planned for both so we will be keeping very busy this winter getting prepared for them! Thanks for checking out our page!


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