Fanimecon 2011

June 1, 2011

Fanime 2011 is over! With a lot of hard work now put behind us and we’re all home safe and sound, its time to clean our apartments. Even though Fanime left all of our homes in what could probably be called the worst fabric explosion yet, we are happy to announce it was 150% worth it. We had a ton of fun this year and got to bring along some friends who had never been to Fanime before! Also, for the first time, NOTN performed in Fanime’s Cosplay Spectacular! Our new skit “Insert Subject Name Here” is up on our skits page! Please check out our facebook for photos of us in our cosplay! NOTN would like to thank everyone for all of the attention our skit is receiving. So far we have been featured on Joystiq, Kotaku, G4, The Escapist, and many others as well as reached over 200,000 views on Youtube! More than any of our other skits to date! Thank you so much for all the nice comments everyone!

          Next up is AM2 in Anaheim, CA. Don’t forget, that’s where WCS prelims are this year! Good luck to all the entrants!


One Response to “Fanimecon 2011”

  1. Stripper Vash said

    Hey guys! Saw you on this morning. Great job, the skit was great!

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